Comparing new iPad and Microsoft Surface computer

Microsoft surface problems

Differentiating iPad and Surface computer

The world is waiting eagerly to enjoy working on a Surface computer also called Microsoft tablets. Microsoft has widely increased the popularity for the Surface computer in such a way that people doubt whether it would outshine the New iPad. Anyway technology lovers would definitely give both the Surface and the New iPad a chance to prove.

Microsoft Surface and its features

When we take the covers of Microsoft Surface computers, it has two covers which are Touch Cover and the Type Cover. Both of them make use of multi-touch digitizer for operating. Both these covers are 3mm magnetic covers that are pressure sensitive. The Surface computer contains Intel22mm Ivy Bridge chips as well as ARM chip set. The Surface has used magnesium alloy case that has made the surface very smooth and fine.

They keyboard of Surface computer has a covered protection. MS Surface is the greatest innovation created by Microsoft so far and because of the keyboard, it would sometimes create difficulty for people who wish to create documents or spreadsheets. MS Surface screen are 10.6 inches wide and the keyboard can be folded even if it is connected. Another advantage is that the keyboard is pretty faster compared to other keyboards.

The new iPad by Apple has equal fan followers and as all are aware, Apple products are certainly unique and people love to have such products handy. When compared to Surface the new iPad do not have keyboard attached and it has only compatible spare parts. When we consider both, we can find that both are user friendly compared to tablets of other companies.  But when we consider the weight of the tablets, the Surface computer weights 1.99 pounds whereas the iPad weighs 1.44 pounds. The storage space is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB for iPad whereas the Surface RT or Pro version has 32, 64GB for RT and 64, 128GB for Pro version.


Difference between Surface computer and new iPad

The most important attraction of the Apple’s iPad is its high selling game changer which the youngsters would love the most. In that criterion, iPad is incomparable.

Anyway the world is looking forward to find the merits and demerits of both the programs and decide which one to select. It is said that Microsoft Surface problems may rise. In that case, you can contact the Microsoft Support team for assistance and they will definitely help to solve the Microsoft surface problems. Let us wait to see.


Problems with Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft Surface problems

tablets from Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the world’s leading companies that offer carious type of computer products and services. There is operating system software, utility applications, hardware products etc that the company has introduced into the market. And the latest product that they have introduced in the gadget market is the Surface tablets. The company has introduced this product in order to compete with other tablets available in the market.

But, as per the reviews from various sources, these tablets have some important problems. If you are planning to purchase one, first read this article and then decide whether to purchase it or not.

Hardware issues

The important issue that was found with Microsoft Surface tablets was some hardware issues. It was found that the battery used in the product was unable to give the offered back up to customers. Along with this, it also took more time to make the battery fully charged. Other Microsoft Surface problems were with connectivity. There are only very less options to connect the gadgets to other devices. This is an important factor that you need to consider if you are planning to purchase Surface tablets for your use.

Issues with the software

Microsoft Surface tablets also have a number of problems with its operating system. The system takes time to restart and there are errors occurring when multiple applications are opened at the same time. These are the other important Microsoft surface problems that customers should note. The third party applications that come preinstalled in the device also have complaints. The programs stop working while they are used and show several errors when used.

problems with Microsoft Surface

issues with Microsoft surface

Issues with support services

Most of the companies provide better support services for customers when they introduce a gadget in the market. Most of the customers only choose products from companies that offer the best support services. This is another field where Microsoft fails in case of Surface tablets. The support services offered by the company are really poor and they are not efficient in assisting customers to resolve various issues. Customers who come across any issues with the tablet have to way to make it alright.

These are some of the important problems with Microsoft Surface tablets that you should consider if you are on a plan to purchase it. Read it once more and decide whether to choose these products for your needs.

Features of Microsoft Surface tablet

Microsoft Surface problems

Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet to Compete with Android

Are you looking forward to get yourself a Microsoft Surface Tablet? You would better know about the Microsoft Surface problems before that. Android is a competing technology to this Windows venture, many leading company products with android is available in the market. Considering the fact that android devices have less complaints compared to Windows enabled ones makes it more moving in the market. Microsoft Surface tablet comes with a desirable cover, keyboard and touchpad which make it considerable while you are in the process of buying a tablet .Oops! But clearly the tag line by Microsoft ‘best of both worlds’ is not yet achieved by the device. What are the options in Microsoft Surface tablets?

Two variants of Microsoft Surface

Microsoft tablet problems

Android and Windows features comparison to decide the best

Microsoft Surface running with Windows RT operating system; would be a competition to tablets in the market. The alternative is to get Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro which would have to face a strong competition with the available ultra books out there. The hybrid features available are meant to make it stylish and improve its performance. The Pro version was launched with the aim of beating HP, Dell, Sony and ultra books from other brands. The whole idea wasn’t accomplished through the present versions completely. The access to apps that are in high demand failed in these Microsoft devices and that is a main reason for its less popularity. The latest versions have managed to overcome many of these faults. You may be very particular about the keyboard options for your device; it should be comfortable for you to work with. What type of keyboard does it have?

Keyboard features of tablet

The Microsoft Surface tablet has to get an amazing keyboard-touchpad to nail through the different competitive devices flooding in the market. This is totally going to depend on two things. The first would be keyboard-touchpad cover performance. Then, it is going to depend on tablet performance without the keyboard- touchpad. So, those who are looking for a tablet might want to get a Microsoft tablet that has similar features of android tablets.

Microsoft Surface tablets have a very tight competition with similar devices that uses android platforms. There are different compatibility issues too with the Microsoft Surface tablets. Hopefully, the latest versions to be launched by Microsoft could cover all these existing Microsoft Surface problems and give us a better performing device. Make the right choice for you. Good day!

Comparing Microsoft Surface Tablets: Surface and Surface Pro

Microsoft surface problems

choosing the surface tablets

Both the versions of Microsoft Surface tablet, Surface and Surface Pro have been in the news for their slim and sleek design, their unmatched thin keyboards along with the facility of an in-built kickstand. The surface model is running on Windows RT operating system and the Surface Pro will use the Windows 8 Pro operating system with an Intel processor. Both tablets are vying with the genre of Android tablets on account of their exquisite user friendly features.

The Surface Pro with the Windows 8 Pro Os provides digital linking feature by the use of a digitalizer. These tablets complement the features of laptop as they run on Windows8 full desktop operating system. These all things make both the tablets a hot favorite among the mobile users all over the world. But before purchasing a new one; you should need to acquaint with the two models.

Comparing Surface and Surface Pro

  • Hardware: The Microsoft surface Model (running on RT OS) is much thinner while comparing it with Surface pro. Surface hits the market with a 9.3 mm thickness and with a weight of 676 grams while Surface pro weighs about 903 grams and 13.5mm thickness.
  • Display and Screen: Both versions use Gorilla glass which is capable of preventing the possible risks of scratches. The tablets will provide the Microsoft’s Clear type technology for sharper text display. Yet, the Surface Pro comes with a much better resolution.
  • CPU: The surface model use an Nvidia Arm processor usually used in the tablet phones. The Surface pro model will use the Intel Ivy Bridge Core processor generally used in laptops. Hence the surface pro version is more powerful while comparing it with the Surface tablet. However, Surface tablet has got high energy efficiency.

    Microsoft surface tablets

    Select the best Surface tablet

  • Operating System: Arm processors will use the Windows 8 RT operating system and laptops, desktops and PCs use the Windows 8 Pro operating system. Usually y Windows RT OS will not operate in conventional Windows programs, yet the RT version tablet supports Office, Home and student 2013 RT.
  • Memory Capacity: The Surface Model supports 32 GB and 64 GB , whereas  Surface Pro will give a little more with 64 GB and 128 GB.

It seems as good option for tablet lovers to select the Surface models, however we do not exactly know about the Microsoft surface problems. Of course, these devices are susceptible to errors and hence you cannot ignore the incidence of Microsoft surface problems.


Ways to Troubleshoot Microsoft Surface Problems

Microsoft Surface problems

Troubleshooting Microsoft Surface Problems

Microsoft Surface, Microsoft’s newest venture is a tablet series and there has been a lot of hype regarding its model, price and performance. It may very well turn out to becoming the next big thing and of course it’s bound to run into a few problems as well!

Some ways in which you could troubleshoot some of the Microsoft surface problems have been given below.

Check the “Processes” tab of Windows Task Manage in case of a general decrease in performance to see if any process is consuming a large amount of CPU space.

Has your system performance degraded?

A system’s performance is considerably degraded if a Microsoft Surface unit has run out of physical memory and the Windows Vista operating system starts paging memory. Other performance problems include animations do not run smoothly, new applications take time in the loading screen when they start, and contact tracking lags behind. Use the Microsoft Surface memory manager to help reduce these problems as it will close inactive applications that run in the background.

Is the video playback not smooth?

If a user using Launcher switches between applications, then these applications remain running in the background. It is possible that at the same time, you may have a number of applications running in the background, especially Microsoft XNA applications, Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications that use Bitmap Effects, animations or media playback. Also check how each individual application utilizes CPU and GPU resources.

Is tracking slower than expected?

Microsoft Surface

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Surface Problems

While using Launcher, if a user switches between applications, then these applications remain running in the background. You may have a number of applications like Microsoft XNA applications, Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications that use Bitmap Effects, animations or media playback running in the background at the same time. It would be good to analyze how individual applications utilize the CPU and GPU resources.

Does your applications start slower than expected?

In most cases, if an application takes time to get started, then there might be an issue with the application code. Enquire with the developer who wrote the application. Improving application Startup time, improving .NET application performance and scalability and cold startup performance are some ways to find a solution.

Hope you found this article helpful. Good day!

Branding Problems with Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface problems

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is an upcoming series of tablets manufactured by Microsoft. Microsoft Corporation is a multinational corporation which manufactures and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. The Surface will be available in two versions – Surface and the Surface Pro.

Microsoft Surface

Surface uses Windows RT Operating System and Surface Pro uses Windows 8 Pro operating system. The screens of Surface and Surface Pro are 10.6 inches. The launch of Microsoft Surface has issues similar to LG’s. LG’s problems are less when compared to Microsoft Surface problems. The Windows mobile operating system has no market share and its partner Nokia is moving towards Oblivion.

Branding Issues with Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is ready is spend billions of dollars to support the new products. Even after spending a lot they could not save Zune multimedia player. The surface is also somewhat similar to smart phones in the competitive world. An item can be claimed to be successful if the preorders and sales should be extra ordinary. For example you can take the case of Apple products as the preorders and sales are really high when they are about to release a smart phone or tablet.

Massive early sales make the product competitive. In the case of Apple’s iPad you can consider Samsung Galaxy SIII. Apple tried its level best to keep Samsung out of the market as it was creating a serious competition in the market. Apple tried court patent battles to keep Samsung out of the market to reduce their level of competition. Apple realized that if Samsung is getting similar sales as that of Apple products they will grow as a competitor for Apple in the market.

smart phones

Branded tablets

Microsoft Surface will be one of the best products from Microsoft. The screen is big and has high resolution. The processors and cameras used in Surface was high quality. It was light weight and has a long battery life which makes it really a wonderful product. It is similar to iPad and Kindle Fire in the matter of quality and performance. Microsoft has not yet revealed the resolution, but Surface will have an HD display and Surface Pro will have full HD display. But in the tablet industry Microsoft was not able to find success.

Microsoft Surface will be released by the month of October, so we can see whether it will be able to overcome Microsoft Surface problems as we mentioned earlier.

An overview of Microsoft’s Windows Surface

Microsoft Surface problems, Windows Surface tablet PC

Windows Surface specs

Microsoft recently revealed their intention to release the new Windows Surface tablet PC shows that they are eager to try a hand at toppling the near monopolistic over the tablet market that hold Apple has been enjoying for quite some time. It doesn’t matter that Microsoft used to be, by their own admission, averse to the whole tablet PC idea; now that they’ve seen where the real money is to be made, they’re definitely going to plunge into competition. Microsoft plans to abandon its former marketing strategy with products like the Windows phone in favor of competing with their own product without help from partners, to minimize Microsoft Surface problems.

The Windows Surface tablet PC

Two versions of the Windows Surface tablet have been released, the Windows RT version and Windows 8 version, there is not much difference between these two versions. But first let’s see what they have in common. Both have a 10.6 inch HD touch screen. Both also come with a 3mm cover that is magnetically attached and uses pressure sensitive technology which also enables it to function as a keyboard and mouse. The Windows RT version of the Windows Surface is smaller by some, with a thickness of 0.366 inches and a weight of 1.5 lbs. The Windows 8 version however, is more similar to the new iPad in terms of size, with a thickness of 5.2 inches, and weighing a heavy 2 pounds. The design has been well thought over, and comes combined with a built in kickstand. It has been reported that the first releases will not have 3G/4G capabilities and that users will have to make do with just the WiFi connectivity.

Microsoft Surface problems, Windows Surface tablet PC

Windows tablet pc

What sets this tablet apart from its competitors though is the Office integration that Microsoft has managed to feature with it. Different versions of the MS Office productivity suite are run on the two different versions of the tablet. The Windows RT version will apparently include the basic Office Home & Student 2012 RT version. This version of MS Office contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote applications. Though the exact contents of the Office version run on the Windows 8 version of the Surface tablet are not yet known, it has been stated that it will be able to run previous versions of the Office suite.

This is some basic information on the Microsoft’s Surface tablet. If you encounter Microsoft Surface problems, please contact the Microsoft customer support. Hope this article helped.

Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad

Microsoft surface problems, features of surface

Enjoy the features of Microsoft surface

Microsoft has proven to be one of the wide accepted and popular software giant through its customer-friendly applications so far. Now they are putting a land mark in the hardware world of mobile devices with its superb handy tablet Surface. We know about the competition taking place in the world of tablets and mobile phone technology around us nowadays. When a new kid is born into this arena, the only one with the most attractive features is going to survive. Of course the Darwinian law of survival of the fittest is really apt to the situation. iPad from the Apple has already established its pivotal role in the field and it will be really interesting to have a discussion on both of these devices. Moreover it is helpful in familiarizing the device and knowing more about Microsoft Surface problems.

Let’s see more on the features of Surface

  • First of all let’s have a look on the cover of these devices. The Apple Smart Cover is great and seems to do little more than protecting the front and back of the device. While Surface’s cover is not only for protecting the screen, but it acts as full keyboard giving the tablet a notebook like function.
  • Next we can go the display. iPad has been known for its 9.7-inch display as one of the bigger tablets on the market. Yet here comes the Surface boasting a 10.6-inch screen that on the Pro Version of the phone also has HD. Usually size of the screen can
    Microsoft surface problems, features of surface

    Microsoft in hardware technology

    really make an impact but you should weigh this factor considering the application for which you are taking the device into.

  • The operating systems of these two devices are very different in design. The iPad’s Apple iOS is focused on smartphones and there has been a constant demand from customers for OS X. However Surface shares the Windows 8 OS with not only their smartphones, but desktops as well. So it will be very smart in user interaction services.
  • The kickstand added by Microsoft is another notable feature. Whether people want to be skeptical or not is their choice, but having a kick stand added does very little but good. It increases the functionality and when it is tied with the keyboard cover gives the tablet a mini notebook appearance.
  • In addition a window 8 is at its verge to come out and is expected to be the most versatile operating system of our age.  It can find application in Microsoft surface too.

Microsoft is achieving great pace in tablet technology and so it is really relevant to know about Microsoft surface problems. I hope you find this article helpful in this regard.

Surface is the new Microsoft product

Microsoft surface problems, Microsoft

faster net

Microsoft has unveiled a new tablet version of their Microsoft surface brand. Their devices are exactly 9.3mm thin with edges beveled at 22 degrees and working with windows 8 plus having full touch interactivity. This device weighs 1.5 pounds, is made with a magnesium case, and has a PVD finish inside you’ll find windows apps for music plus, it has a full 10.6 inch display.
Its features
1. The first version is rumored to be ARM – BASED WINDOWS VARIANT AT 599 DOLLARS. You will have the power of NVIDIA’S tegra chipset. Wi-Fi will only be the available connectivity option. You will need to use a USB- 4G solution to gain full mobile connectivity. Microsoft promises to follow this with a higher end version three months later for a rumored 799DOLL.ARS. it would make sense that this version will have a faster processor, more memory and possibly 4G built in. The smooth pro is supposed to have the Intel ivy 22mm processor and windows 8 pro. This beefed up system will be thicker than the windows RT version.

Microsoft surface problems, Microsoft

amazing performance

2. Microsoft‘s smart cover is the real star of the show. At only 3m thin, it goes from protecting the tablet to become the key word. The key word is the number one component for other tablets. We like the thin form factor but dislike looking at the screen to see if we hit the right key. By having a haptic feedback keyword of a large size, as large as the screen, we can let our fingers fly and type the way we want.
3. Something that many people wanted for years is the ability to use your finger to navigate and then to use a digital pen to take notes. So far, OEM’S have cried that this was not possible since you need two different digitizers. On for thick fingers and one sensitive enough for thin pens. Microsoft was listening and deciding to add two digitizers. However, when you want to make notes or scribble your latest doodle, surface will be to distinguish between the two events and act accordingly. As software is refined, there is no that Microsoft cannot surpass apple or other tablet makers by finally replacing the notebook with a tablet. Of course only after findings solutions to Microsoft surface problems, like lack of faster net connectivity and more memory. For other Microsoft surface problems which May be technical you have to contact the Microsoft onsite services.
Buy and enjoy the new surface tablet.